All You Ever Needed to Know About Seeds

All You Ever Needed to Know About Seeds

Looking For Quick Shade To Protect Your Kids? Make The Right Landscape Changes To The Backyard

by Eugene Kelley

If you have an upcoming summer that you want to enjoy with considerable shade, you will need to invest in artificial shade or get it by bringing in mature trees that are at least 10 to 20 feet in height. The problem with the natural way is that you will end up spending thousands of dollars just to get some shade. It is better to create a short-term plan, at least when it comes to landscaping, to create shade in your yard. You can give your children more than enough shade with a proper strategy to transform the backyard.

Combine Hardscaping and Plants

One way that you can get shade is by allowing vines to do most of the work. For instance, you can take English ivy and start growing it in a way that will allow it to grab onto patio covers and chain-link fences. The more hardscape features you add that happen to be tall, the more chances you will have for creating shade. This plant is particularly attractive because you can rely on it to provide shade all year long.

Plant Fast-Growing Trees

Trees are another way to get shade on your property. But, you have to wait several years to see results. An excellent balance between time requirements and cost is a partially grown tree. Anything under 10 feet will not be too expensive to get delivered and have planted right into the ground of your home. It is ideal to work with a landscaping professional who knows all about the native trees. They can help you pick one that has the highest chance of growing and not running into any health issues along the way.

Incorporate Hills

If you are open to a rather unique approach, you can always add hills to the yard to make shade. If you go steep with the hills, your kids can enjoy shade on the bottom at specific times in the day. When properly created, you do not have to worry about watering or tree trimming to enjoy shade. It is possible to do this by making hills from flat land or by taking soil from your yard and piling it to create an uneven yard.

It may take anywhere from a year to a few years to see substantial results on your landscape, but this is still a rather short time frame to be able to provide your kids with shade in the backyard.


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All You Ever Needed to Know About Seeds

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