All You Ever Needed to Know About Seeds

All You Ever Needed to Know About Seeds

Tips For Maintaining Your Sprinkler System

by Eugene Kelley

If you have a sprinkler system set up on your property, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to maintain it. This way, you will have no problem making the most out of that system so your landscape will be nice and lush.

Check For Obvious Clogs

Unless you have multiple clogged sprinklers, you may find that it is hard to see if one of them is not working efficiently by just watching when they are turned on and spraying water. Therefore, you will want to take it upon yourself to look at each sprinkler head individually. This way, if there is some compacted dirt or grass on the sprinkler head, you will be able to spot it. When you do find any that are clogged, you will want to try to release the clog by gently scrubbing with a bristle brush and some warm water. If that does not work, you may have to simply replace that particular sprinkler head.

Keep The Water Pressure At A Medium Level

You do not want the water pressure to be too low, as that could result in a lot of your lawn not getting the water supply that it needs in order to stay healthy. However, you also do not want the water pressure to be too high, as this is not necessary and it can be a lot of pressure on the various parts of your sprinkler system. That could result to an early break down of a lot of parts, which will cost you money to have replaced, especially if you have to hire a professional sprinkler repair company to do it for you. Therefore, just to make sure that the water level did not get accidentally bumped, you will want to check the setting for the water level and then adjust it as needed.

Have It Professionally Serviced As Needed

When things get out of hand or you are simply not sure whether your sprinkler system is doing as well as it should, then you will want to go ahead and call in the professionals. They can look over the entire system to ensure that it is up to par with how it should be. If there are any problems that need to be addressed, then professionals, such as those at Lush N' Green, will be able to address those things for you.

When you do call in a professional to assist you with your sprinkler system, you will want to make sure that you are working with only the best in the business.


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All You Ever Needed to Know About Seeds

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