All You Ever Needed to Know About Seeds

All You Ever Needed to Know About Seeds

3 Tricks For Putting Down Paver Patio

by Eugene Kelley

Adding pavers to your patio can allow you to dress up your backyard. If you want to add some style to your patio, there are a few tricks you need to have under your sleeve before you start putting down brick pavers to build a custom patio in your backyard.

1. Be Sure to Dig Deep to Create a Good Base

You need to do some prep work before you just start placing the pavers on the ground. You need to dig a nice base for your pavers. If you are digging in your backyard, you need to dig down at least half a foot into the soil. For dry soil, run a sprinkler over the area you plan to dig the night before. This will soften up the soil and make it easier to dig out.

As always, before doing any digging work on your property, you should call 811 to make sure there are not any utility lines you need to avoid while digging.

2. Make Sure You Keep the Area Weed-Free

You want to keep the area where you are putting the pavers down free of weeds. You don't want weeds to grow up and around your pavers. The best way to keep the weeds away is to pull up and remove any weed from the area where you put the pavers. Then, treat the ground with a solution to kill any remaining weeds. After that, put landscaping cloth on top of the area that you dug out. You want to put down the landscaping cloth directly on top of the soil before you add the base sand for the pavers.

3. Create a Solid Base

Once the landscaping cloth is down, you are going to want to compact the soil. You want the soil to be packed really well in order to create a stable foundation for your new patio. After that, you want to put down at least four to six inches of gravel as a base for your patio, followed by at least an inch of sand. As you build your base, be sure to slope it properly so that water will run toward your drainage system and not just sit flat on your patio.

When it comes to putting down paver patio, you need to make sure you dig deep and create a good base for your pavers. Be sure to put down a barrier so that your paver area stays weed-free. Take the time to create a solid base, so your pavers last.


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All You Ever Needed to Know About Seeds

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