All You Ever Needed to Know About Seeds

All You Ever Needed to Know About Seeds

Bollard Lighting for Your Commercial Property

by Eugene Kelley

Bollard lighting possesses posts that each contain a bulb and a cover. This type of light is commonly used on commercial properties. It provides security and ambiance and will deter motorists or pedestrians from walking across areas that are out of bounds. Choose a style that will provide ample lighting and complement your property's aesthetic features.

Choose Where Lighting Will Be Most Beneficial

If there have been problems associated with keeping people on the sidewalks that surround your business or if there has been an influx of foot traffic that would benefit by improved lighting, decide to have two sets of bollard lighting installed on either side of a walkway. Choose lights that contain louvers, prismatic glass, or cone reflectors. Louvers will emit light toward the ground. The prismatic glass will emit a soft glow through decorative glass covers.

Cone reflectors will direct the light upward and outward. The reflectors produce the strongest light out of the three options. After choosing the location and lighting style that you prefer, you need to pick a post design. For a uniform appearance, posts should be spaced evenly along a walkway. To deter vehicles from coming into contact with property that is restricted, place posts close together.

A metal post that contains bold colors and shiny trim pieces will provide your commercial property with modern accents. You can also select from a pole style that is lighter in color and that contains intricate details in its design. The fancier style that is custom-colored will provide an air of elegance to the property that surrounds an office building, factory, or retail shop.

Pick a Lighting Method

Timed lighting would ensure that your property was lit up even when you are not present. A timed setup could assist with deterring theft since burglaries often occur on property that is visibly unoccupied. Timed lighting can be set up so that the bulbs turn on when it gets dark outside and turn off when the sun rises each day.

Lighting that needs to be manually turned on and off may be of interest if you have a groundskeeper on duty who will be able to handle the operation of the lighting. There are also solar-powered light sets, which will result in energy savings, yet still allow you to light up your property on a daily basis. If you are going to have lights professionally installed, request information about each lighting type. After educating yourself about various types of bollard and landscape lighting, select the one that is most preferred. 


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All You Ever Needed to Know About Seeds

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